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Better dermatological care at reduced costs

Easily integrate online dermatology into your insurance portfolio. Be part of the move to digital healthcare. Reduce your dermatology costs by >50%.
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woman in phone

100% NHS approved

90% resolved online

Secure & Confidential

Why do health insurers add Snapmed to their portfolios?
Innovative digital service for your customers

•Instant specialist dermatological care

•No waiting times or queues!

•Simplified referrals and authorizations

•Safe, proven, and high-quality clinically care

Quicker care means less care over time

•Insurers save over 30% on the cost of dermatology claims with Snapmed!

•Patients save on travel and time away from work

•Snapmed is cheaper than the other online services – 50% on average

Digital care is a fraction of the cost of in-person visits

•90% of Snapmed’s skin cases are resolved online!

•Removes barriers to access

•Enables earlier interventions, for better outcomes

Integration is easy
We don’t need to intrude on your existing IT!
1. Website and app integration

Scheme member logs into your existing portal or app

Snapmed photo or video consult opens in the same window

No additional login or details required

Case logged and claim added to your monthly billing

2. Direct link from you to Snapmed

Open referral from NHS GP, or from your existing online GP service

Scheme member logs into Snapmed directly, or through your existing portal or app

Adds claim reference and policy number

Case logged and claim added to your monthly billing

Look who’s partnering with Snapmed already!
Customer quote from Storebrand

"It is great to be able to offer fast and online dermatologists in “Bli Frisk”, and it was straightforward to integrate Snapmed in our customer journey.”

Emma Gulbrandsen
Director Sourcing, Storebrand Helseforsikring / DKV Hälsa

See what your scheme member will see!
A 3 step process for online dermatologist consultation.
Enter a few details about you and your skin problem
Send pictures and pay
Get your dermatologist's answer, and an e-mail paylink direct from our pharmacy -- Done!
Start a consultation
See why you’ll save on claims!
Snapmed consultations typically cost 50% less than traditional provider consultations
Instant access to care keeps problems from turning chronic
  • 70% of Snapmed cases are resolved on first consult
  • 1.4 consultations satisfactorily treat 90% of all cases
  • Only 10% are referred for physical follow-up
Your administrative processes are streamlined
  • Single monthly claims invoice
  • Initial GP consultation can be avoided
  • We manage patient panel and quality of care

Partner with Snapmed … the digital-first dermatologists for health insurers and caring employers!