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Terms and Conditions

1.0 Scope and Extent of these Terms and Conditions

1.1 These terms of agreement are valid between Snapmed Ltd, Company number SC675569, with registered address at 60 Constitution Street, Leith, Edinburgh EH6 6RR ("Snapmed"), and you, for the purpose of giving you dermatological counsel and prescribing through the website of Snapmed Ltd (

1.2 The designations "we", "us" and "our" in these terms of use refers to Snapmed.

1.3 By creating an account called on the Snapmed website, you enter into an agreement with Snapmed according to the terms herein.

1.4 This agreement is not valid if the client receives services from Snapmed pursuant to a subscription agreement, occupational health service agreement, employee benefit agreement, or similar, or upon cancellation or termination pursuant to any of the terms in these Terms and Conditions.

1.5 Disputes or claims arising out of or in connection with these Terms and Conditions or with their subject matter or provisions (contractual or otherwise) will be governed by and construed in accordance with the law of England and Wales.

2.0 The Service

2.1 Through the website, you can order skin assessments from dermatologists by submission of pictures and descriptions of skin conditions and/or by video consultation. Our dermatologists will review the case and provide you with an assessment of probable diagnosis and cause, and recommendations for further actions to be taken, and if appropriate, a prescription for medication. In cases where the condition is not judged suitable for online consultation, the dermatologist who reviews your case will tell you so, and advise you on further actions you should take.

2.2 Prices and any additional charges for Snapmed medical consultations are given in the Snapmed website. There is no other schedule of pricing or charges.

2.3 Payment for consultation via the websites is to be paid before review. You will not receive access to your review before payment is approved.

2.4 You may cancel a case review from Snapmed before review has begun. Payment will be refunded within 14 days of cancellation.

2.5 Refunds for service termination once the consultation has begun may not be sought.

2.6 A consultation agreement exists from the time you order your assessment from Snapmed. You always have the right to terminate this agreement with immediate effect. In the event of such termination, Snapmed will remove your account and all stored information relating to you.

2.7 Snapmed reserves the right to terminate the consultation agreement with immediate effect if you violate these Terms and Conditions. In the event of such termination, all stored information about you will be deleted from our record system.

2.8 If your account is blocked or terminated due to misuse of the present Terms and Conditions, your right to register a new account will be at the discretion of Snapmed.

2.9 By registering an account on the Snapmed website, you confirm that you agree to the technical specifications and limitations for the website and services as described herein or specified on the Snapmed website.

2.10 By registering an account on the Snapmed website, you consent to Snapmed’s use of your contact information to send you offers and information via e-mail or messaging. You do have the right to opt out of this type of communication, however.

2.11 You may raise any complaints or concerns about our service directly, by e-mail, to ''. Your concern will be acknowledged the same day, investigation and remedial action will be undertaken no later than the following day, and communication of the outcome will come to you immediately thereafter. You possess the right at all times to raise complaints as well with our regulator, NHS Healthcare Improvement Scotland, by e-mail to, or by phone, at 0131 623 4342.

3.0 Our Liability

3.1 Snapmed dermatologists are independent private practice contractors to Snapmed, and not employees. They practice medicine solely under licensure of the General Medical Council in the United Kingdom. With regard to Snapmed they are self-employed and self insured. Thus Snapmed is only a technical provider of the electronic platform through which medical advice, prescription, or referrals come from the dermatologist to you. Snapmed itself should therefore under no circimstances be considered a supplier of health services of any nature. The agreement that is made between you and Snapmed is only for communication between the dermatologist and you. Snapmed is not responsible for the content or quality of the advice that is given you by your dermatologist.

3.2 Content that Snapmed posts or makes available on its website represents a supplement to the medical advice from your Snapmed dermatologist and is not meant to replace that medical advice.

3.3 Snapmed guarantees that the privacy and security of your medical records and patient communication with Snapmed meets or exceed the requirements of the UK General Data Protection Regulation (UK GDPR), tailored by the Data Protection Act 2018.

3.4 Snapmed is not liable for non-Snapmed content that may be linked to or from the Snapmed website.

3.5 Snapmed works to assure the website’s availability at all times. It is our philosophy that you should have access to your account at any time of the day or night. You may send text or image information for review at any time through our website. The review of the information that you submit will be done during or close to normal office hours in the UK, however, through at the latest 12 or 24 hours after the case is received by us. Review times are dependent on the type of service chosen. Website availability is subject to ordinary, reasonable downtime in relation to website repair or maintenance.

3.6 Snapmed does not carry liability for the service being unavailable caused by problems with third-party products and/or services used by you, any form of cyber-attack that may overwhelm Snapmed’s good-faith efforts to ensure the continuity and integrity of the service, or events that can be categorized customarily in law as force majeure.

4.0 Your Liability

4.1 Your Snapmed account is strictly for dermatological consultation between yourself and your Snapmed dermatologist. All other use is unauthorised.

4.2 Though your account may not be used by or transferred to other persons, parents or guardians are allowed to use their own accounts on behalf of children in their care who are below 16 years of age.

4.3 You are responsible for ensuring that all personal and contact information submitted are correct and up to date. You should provide any changes to your personal information to Snapmed by e-mail to

4.4 Ownership, copyrights and all other rights attached to Snapmed's trademark, company and website, as well as all documents that are used and/or made available by Snapmed on the website, belong solely to Snapmed. Snapmed therefore reserves an exclusive right to use the above-mentioned material. All copying, modification, transfer and/or other use of Snapmed's material not permitted under this agreement or the instructions provided by Snapmed from time to time is prohibited. You agree that unauthorized use of Snapmed's intellectual property rights, in addition to breaking this agreement, may be grounds for prosecution. Snapmed reserves the right to seek legal action for unauthorized use of Snapmed's intellectual property rights.

4.5 Snapmed also reserves the general right, with prior notice to you, to block your account or take other action to protect the reputation and integrity of the service.

4.6 In the event of legal action arising from your misuse of your Snapmed account, you are obliged to cover losses incurred by Snapmed due to this action, including but not limited to attorneys’ fees, court costs, and third-party claims.

5.0 Changes to Terms and Conditions

5.1 Snapmed reserves the right to change the service's scope and function. Product and service development may include, but is not limited to, such things as layout, content, and terms of service. These changes will be made known in advance on the Snapwed website.

5.2 You have the right to terminate your agreement with immediate effect if Snapmed makes changes to the website or service that cause inconvenience to you. In such cases, you are entitled to a refund of any payment for assessment, as long as that assessment has not begun.

6.0 Complete Agreement

6.1 These Terms and Conditions constitute the entire agreement between you and us, and supersede any prior communications or arrangements that may exist.